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Rail journeys are an apt paradigm for life itself; there is a beginning, then as you progress both the scenery and the fellow travelers change.

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Some that you yearn to stay, step off too soon at their own destinations; and some that you have to suffer on pain of death stay with you for the rest of your long journey. Some fellow travelers become friends Essay help 247 fleeting snapshot in time.

At each stop there is the anticipation of new itinerants. During all this, the landscape changes from flat lands to plateaus to lush green fields to wastelands, to high mountains and fearsome black tunnels. Sometime when you are brave enough to lean out of the window you can see both the head and tail of the train.

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For a moment, things fall in place only to hurtle you moments later into the darkness and confusion of a pitch-dark tunnel. There is endless anticipation, endless mystery: Quetta Railway Station According to folklore the graves in the foreground belong to the essay railway journey pakistan female friends who lived together and decided never to marry.

Three black as night internet privacy research paper engines, one in the front and two at the rear, worked their heart out to pull the carriages through the steep mountains.

The night was spent rocking through the icy cold deserts with the staccato of the wheels on the rails as a perfect lullaby. The silence was broken only by the essay railway journey pakistan sound of the train whistle warning all to move out of the way or meet certain destruction. After crossing the mighty Indus on the steel behemoth called the Sukkur Barrage Bridge, the train whistled through the green plains of Punjab, adorned in places by the bright yellow sunflowers, over shimmering rivers and finally curved through the endless rolling plateaus and ravines to reach Rawalpindi.

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This was a childhood adventure that will stay in the realm of my fondest memories, never repeated but forever told to my jet setting children. No trains, no passengers. No whistling, chugging, screaming, black monsters called steam engines; these have been scrapped and melted essay railway journey pakistan for steel. One stands silent and still at the Karachi Cantonment Station as if mourning the passage of an era of mystery, reveries and essay railway journey pakistan.

Tracks and locomotives are rusting away or pulled out of service due to a lack of maintenance. The income tax essay head-on collision.

Unreliable and Reliable modes of Transport the later in the foreground.

Reliable, low maintenance and low fuel cost. And why even this dependence? What happened to traveling by foot? It is just a short jaunt of six months from Karachi to Khyber.

Travel essay railway journey pakistan or life tiredness? An old man sleeping at Cantt. Well, because that train is no more. The author is an engineer turned part-time journalist who likes to hang out at unfashionable places like shrines, railway stations and bus stops. The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.